Learning more about this great state

This is such a great read! I learned so much, and the information was presented in a really accessible way. It's like reading a narrative in which the main character is the state of California. The pace is good, so I never felt a lull.  

This book was written be Kevin Starr, who was a Californian State Librarian [I didn't even know this was a thing!], historian, and professor at USC.  Very impressive resume. In addition to all the titles above, Kevin Starr was a great writer. I wish I could have met this man!  

In addition to this one, I bought a few of his other books. I am interested in learning more about the history of my state and my city, and Kevin Starr has several more titles dealing with local and state history, and as a native, he has respect for his subject.  The information is detailed and absorbing.

Finally Fall

After the Halloween rain, it is finally feeling like fall in LA.  Too often after a small storm, the next day is a sunny, hot business-as-usual affair.  But today, the air still held a bit of a chill.  I actually needed the sweater I was wearing, my feet felt cold without socks, and it made me so happy.

Bring on more rain!  Especially nice are those LA rains that come so conveniently in the night and are contained by morning, leaving only the grey clouds and crisp air.  Yes, more fall please!!

I knew it would be a good day when...

I woke up at 5:30am, not too tired--not even feeling as if I wanted to go back to sleep.  I came into the living room and turned in The Tennis Channel.  Roger Federer was playing Novak Djokovic in the semi-final in Shanghai.  Federer was up 4-2 and Djokovic was serving to keep Fed from getting a double break.

I was wide awake now.  Fed was up a break. It was exciting.  As I watched Roger Federer play another brilliant match and win it, I couldn't help but wish this had been the case at Wimbledon--the winning part; he did play brilliantly.  But thinking like that leads to nowhere.  Today I am happy.

I think about all the homework I have to do, and I think, ahh...anything's possible.

Technology: Friend or Foe?

This is probably the first time in all my years of owning a computer that I was unhappy that I use Apple.  They really made a word processing program with no built-in way to print labels?  Something that should take 30 seconds to do is now an internet research project? And none of these "it's easy" articles are helping--at all.  Come on, Apple!


Best body in tennis? Andy Murray.  Hands down.  Really, his physique is a wondrous thing.  He's my Scottish boyfriend.  He was supposed to play my French boyfriend, Richard Gasquet, today, but Gasquet pulled out with an abdominal injury.  =(  Aww. It's probably easier for me if they don't clash; I'd be so conflicted. =)

Shout out to Jo Willy taking out Djokovic today.  Impressive.  I know Djokovic wasn't his usual self, but he is hard to beat no matter which "self" shows up.

More tennis to come.  Good day for me!

Diary of a Honkaholic

One of my students at LA City College wrote this essay in my English 28 class this spring. I loved it so much I asked him if I could post it here. I hope you (whoever you are) will enjoy it as much as I have!

                                            Diary of a Honkaholic By Matt Lund

      I never knew the potential anxiety driving a car could induce until I moved to Los Angeles. Coming from the suburbs of Orange, California, where safety and courtesy are always priority when behind the wheel, I thought I was in a fantasy (or should I say nightmare) land where traffic rules and regulations do not exist. Having been a resident in Los Angeles for just over 7 years now, I have noticed certain changes, not only in my driving habits but also in my anxiety and stress levels. I am a Los Angeles Driver.
      I am a Los Angeles Driver: I am always in a hurry. I swerve into the next lane when the car in front of me is stopping to m…

And the Oscar goes to...

Who cares?

Another Oscar season is in the history books, and people are saying (surprise, surprise) it was dull. Well, duh!

How exciting is it EVER? If you are not nominated for an award, winning an award, presenting an award, or attending the star-studded after-parties, is it ever really that exciting? Really?

And people are saying now—everywhere—that the hosts bombed. It seems to me that people say that every year. But how can Oscar hosts bomb? Their mission: act silly; have fun—or look as if you are; deliver someone’s corny, pre-written, mostly inoffensive jokes; and most importantly, introduce people so they can…introduce…other…people. Oh yeah, so we can all find out who won. Scintillating stuff. In the end, the people were introduced, the awards were awarded, so I say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

And for the people who had serious gripes about it not being exciting, I repeat: when is it ever exciting? Informative. Summative. Voyeuristic. But exciting? I think not.

What the sho…